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CryptoMaps Token

In Cryptomaps we know that the most part of our ecosystem are our users. This is why we guarantee you that every SpotPoint and CryptoMaps Token you earn or buy represents a percentual part of the CryptoMaps.

CryptoMaps Token Specification

CryptoMaps (CMT)

Asset Name (Ticker)

200,000,000 CMT

Total Supply

2 Decimals

200,000,000.00 CMT

1 CMT >= 0.2 Burst

Token Price

CryptoMaps Token Distribution

25% of Tokens = 50,000,000 CMT

Exchange Burst for CryptoMaps Tokens.

25% of Tokens = 50,000,000 CMT

Exchange SpotPoints for CryptoMaps Tokens (preallocated).

25% of Tokens = 50,000,000 CMT

Monthly Dividends & Withholding Taxes (preallocated).

25% of Tokens = 50,000,000 CMT

Team, Development & Marketing (preallocated).

CryptoMaps Token pays out monthly dividends at 50% of ad revenue generated from the previous calendar month. Dividends are distributed to account holders with more than 20,000 CMT (0.01% share owned). Payouts are processed on the 10th of each calendar month.

CryptoMaps Ecosystem


Discover spots, go to events, chat with others and earn SpotPoints.


Earn SpotPoints for spots, daily visits, reviews, comments and referrals.

CryptoMaps Token

Exchange SpotPoints or Burst for CryptoMaps Tokens.

Burst Asset Exchange

Invest in the CryptoMaps Token via Burst Asset Exchange.

CryptoMaps Transparent Accounts


An account that issued asset CryptoMaps Token.


An account for exchanging SpotPoints for CryptoMaps Tokens.

CryptoMaps Ads

An account collecting all revenues from advertisement.

CryptoMaps Pay

An account paying out monthly dividends.

Team CryptoMaps

An account for team, development and marketing.